Photo Slate

What is a Photo Slate?
Basically it's a real piece of slate (rock) that has been cut to a shape and then coated with a special material on 1 side. This coating is able to receive the special ink when the slate is heated and under pressure.
Your favourite photo on a beautiful slate rock. Slate rocks come in a variety of shapes to fit any budget. Any photo, writing or design can be placed on your slate. You can receive a preview of the design before it goes onto the slate. These treasured keepsakes are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Family Photos, Favourite Pet, Memorials, Awards, Baby Birth Stats and much more. Message if you have any questions.
Any photo, writing or design can be transferred. We are limited only by your imagination.
A photo slate is quite thick, about twice as thick as a wall tile. They look great on a table or shelf as we provide little "feet" for them to stand almost vertical.
Some Photo slates can be mounted on wood frames that can be mounted on a wall, like a picture or on the little feet.
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